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    Sample Nude Panoramas

    Scenic landscape panoramas with artistic and glamour nude models to further enhance the gorgeous outside locations. The 360X180 degree images are a series of four fisheye images stitched together. When stitched together they form a equirectangular image like if you took the earth and laid it out flat. If you take the same image and leave it as the globe, you have something similar to the 360-degree images presented here. The panorama versions being displayed have some of the top and bottom cut off so they don’t contain the whole image as seen in the 360 degree version.

    Our first model, Natalie, will be displayed in both versions.

    360 Degree Image One – Click Here

    And the panoramic version of Image One


    360 Degree Image Two – Click Here

    And the panoramic version of Image Two


    360 Degree Image Three – Click Here

    And the panoramic version of Image Three


    Welcome to Nude Panorama!

    Nude Panorama was set up to combine the beauty of artistic nudes with the wow factory of virtual 360 environment.

    The 360 technology allows you to spin around, look up and down, but of course you will want to check out the artistic nude models present at each point of the compass.

    Since it fits the theme, most of the models will be posing in an artistic nude style but there is also an opportunity to add various glamour styles as well.  Watching a model disrobe as you spin around adds another level of interest to the format.  We plan to offer styles from the erotic to the exotic!

    Glad you stopped by!